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HWA is a New Zealand based architectural design practice with a track record of more than 20 years delivering projects throughout New Zealand's North and South Islands.

We are a forward thinking and innovative design-focused studio specialising in residential and commercial projects where we can improve clients well-being. 

Our designs are the by-product of listening and understanding our clients and guiding them through our refined design process and workflow. We utilise next generation technology that allows us to deliver projects of any scale and complexity.

Integral to our work is our philosophy of collaboration, industry leading documentation and quality assurance systems. We offer world-class visualisation solutions where appropriate and always seek to maximise our clients understanding of their design through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Our design vision is built on the understanding that the most successful projects are those that reflect the shared identity of our clients, the site and the fabric of the surrounding community.


Our design work strives to capture our clients identity and resonate with their surrounding communities - all to enhance a sense of belonging. 

A small practice with big capacity, we deliver projects of all sizes throughout New Zealand. 


Promoting well-being through architecture

More than just designing buildings, good Architecture can have profound impacts on those who come into contact with it. 


At a superficial level we shaping the built environment but at a deeper level we are altering the environment, impacting health outcomes, influencing social behaviour, and offering  direction for a healthier future.

At HWA, we embrace the responsibility and approach every project with creativity, care and respect. We consider the spirit of the site, the people who will interact with the project into the future, how our design balances nature and nurture. 

We continually evolve our process, refining our design approaches and evaluating environmental impact. This evolution approach is instrumental to our work and enables us to concentrate on our guiding purpose.


Social well-being:

Our belief is that personal comfort is critical in a life well lived. Our approach to personal comfort ensures clients benefit from the personal capacity to engage in forming and maintaining healthy relationships and having meaningful, authentic interactions with others.

Environmental well-being:

Environmental wellbeing to us is valuing the relationship between ourselves, the spaces we live and work in, and the planet.

It involves considering and understanding how our surroundings impact the thoughts and feelings of people who come into contact with our buildings, and also how our actions impact our surroundings. 


We make decisions that promote sustainability and respect for the wider community.

Healthy Living:

Healthy physical environments are:

  • free of harmful chemicals

  • heated appropriately

  • ventilated appropriately

  • managing moisture effectively

  • free of draughts


But it doesn't stop there, healthy living also addresses emotional, spiritual and intellectual aspects of living and working environments. 

We work to understand how our clients find their inner peace to live healthy, productive and enjoyable lives. 


Financial well-being:

Financial management in Architecture is ensuring clients are comfortable with how their money is being used. Importantly ensuring money is spent on what matters to clients without having cost negatively impacting other aspects of their lives.



We don’t do this on our own and thrive on the connection of people and skills to deliver amazing projects across New Zealand.




Being in the dark and discovering unpleasant surprises is one of the biggest fears for clients and ourselves. Transparency is critical in addressing potential issues early and mitigating any on-going matters that arise.


All clients and stakeholders on our projects will be heard, and their interests accounted for.


Leaving a place better than we found it:

HWA believes that our buildings have the ability to promote a healthier population, contribute positive environmental outcomes and social comfort.


Hamish in the doorway

"Relationships are as important as the design journey and project outcome"



I started HWA to help clients who want their home and workplaces designed and constructed in a way that the buildings themselves help them live healthier, more inspired and live the life they love. 

HWA is centered around a personalised approach. My role is to ensure every client who works with us, gets the most from our process, feels supported throughout every step of their journey, and for our involvement to contribute towards a real impact in our clients lives and their future. 

In my spare time like most parents, I endeavor to create as much fun and excitement while raising my two boys as possible. Clients will no doubt hear about our adventures, bike rides and general mischief.

As a former technician turned designer who has built some of my own projects, I have a very practical approach to design with a pedantic eye for detail.


My creative direction is derived from a love of Architecture, my inquisitive nature and real-life on-site experience.


For me the difference between average and good architecture can be as much about the feelings people experience as the physical building so maintaining the integrity of our design is very important.


In all great projects there are a team of diverse professionals with specialist and unique skills.  

We work together with our preferred design and specialist partners to provide our clients with the benefit of broad perspective, design input and a the right expertise involved at the right time.

HWA Architecture has a network of remote offices throughout New Zealand and a network of sub-consultants nationally to match. We have a low carbon foot-print and low overheads to suit. 

Collectively, HWA and our sub-consultants offer an intuitive, experienced and valuable combination of specialist skills with local, hands-on leadership and support.


Our key strength is being a key driver of effective teamwork and we consider collaboration to be the foundation of any successful project.

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At this stage we have no vacancies within our practice. 

Click here to view the roles we offer prospective employees. 

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