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Project Team


Architecture:             Hamish Wakefield

Planner:                     Cuttriss Consulting

Engineer:                  KOA Wellington

Contractor:               Northern Construction

Project Description


Seatoun, Wellington, New Zealand is a long way from the desert in Nevada, USA where it can freeze overnight in winter and remain steady at a toasty 40°C during summer months. Nevada is one of the driest states in America and as such is a very reliable climate for those who live there. 

So as newly minted New Zealand citizens who are used to being active and entertaining, our clients engaged us to create a year round summer haven for swimming, running, entertaining and relaxing. 

Whist we were provided with a thorough brief and strong design direction from the clients, we were required to refine, prepare documentation and obtain permissions for a proposal that would be sympathetic to the existing house and neighbourhood.

The solution required the use of steel portal frames integrated with lighting and power as the base structure and after much research we opted for a Low-E tinted glass sheathing utilising APL's suite of aluminium joinery products and Metroglass performance glass. 

The project features:

  • A pool house with endless pool and spa with custom built retractable covers.

  • Automated temperature, ventilation and humidity control

  • A custom built Cedar sauna.

  • A custom built Kitchenette area.

  • Level threshold access to the existing home gym.

  • A glass elevator from the pool and basement level to the upper bedroom levels.

  • An extensive entertaining area on the first level deck.

  • Rain water collection, filtration and re-distribution throughout the addition. 

  • Solar energy collection via an array of photo-voltaic panels fitted to the roof.  

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