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Project Team


Architecture:             Hamish Wakefield

Engineer:                  Essen Engineering 

Contractor:               Progressive Homes

Landscaping:            Capital Paving

Interiors:                    Danielle Leslie

                                   Kerry Woodham

Photographer:          Showhome Photography

Project Description


Located at the very top of the Aotea sub-division on an impossibly challenging shaped flat site, this home has been designed to nestle into it's urban surroundings.

Commissioned as a new family home for a young couple and their two young children the house is loosely based on familar gable forms with a central link and deliberately clad in a mix of heavy and light materials.

The residence is defined by multiple intersecting forms to create a series of integrated spaces and terraces that accentuate various indoor-outdoor relationships. The covered courtyard provides refuge from the coastal and storm winds whilst establishing private settings for the adjacent living areas.

The clients had seen a recently completed commission in The Banks development  and wanted to borrow from that aesthetic with the materiality and flow considered critical to a successful home. 

Retaining walls, integrated with the contours of the site, are split faced concrete blocks.

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