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Seatoun HOUSE,


Project Team


Architecture:             Hamish Wakefield

Engineer:                  Essen Engineering 

Contractor:               David Reid Homes

Colours:                    David Reid Homes

Project Description


Located at the very end of the Burnham Street sub-division this house has been designed and built on a very tight budget on a very steep site.

Commissioned as a new family home for a young family the house is loosely based on the familiar cantilevered box form floating over the garage structure.

The residence is defined by the very steep site which had previously had a number of houses designed for it, but none that were able to be built. 

The view was paramount, as was the north facing aspect to enjoy as much sunlight as possible throughout the day. 

The clients had stayed in a recently completed project in Auckland with a similar flow but different style and wanted to borrow from that layout with the remainder of the house to flow off the central living spaces. 

Planning rules were very tight with access, earthworks, archeological heritage and neighbor proximity concerns all prevalent which informed much of the buildings shape and location on the site. 

Materials were largely considered with the budget in mind. 

Retaining walls were a significant component within this project and have been carefully stepped up the steep slope with masonry and anchors. 

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