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Tekapo HOUSE 2,


Project Team


Architecture:             Hamish Wakefield

Engineer:                  Chapman Consulting

Contractor:               Distinction Building Ltd

Exterior Colours:      Hamish Wakefield

Project Description


Lake Tekapo has been a jewel in the country crown for a long time. This project has been the second we've had the pleasure to be involved with and we look forward to the opportunity to do more. 

Commissioned as a second home for a travelling entrepreneur this home was designed to fit all the toys in the garage and be an entertainers paradise upstairs. 

The residence is defined by an uninterrupted view of the lake to the north, the two thumb range to the east and southern alps to the west.


The building form is derived from the gentle slope from south to north and some very strict covenants on the development. 

In designing this house the view was paramount, as was the north facing aspect to enjoy as much sunlight as possible throughout the day. An added bonus was enabling the master suite to wake up to the sun coming over one set of hills and the home owners watching the sun set dramatically behind another set of mountains.

The clients brief was to ensure it felt like an alpine house, much like those featuring in Northern Europe alpine villages. With the restrictive covenants the form followed the limits and the warm alpine feel was introduced through the extensive use of timber and local stone. 

We enjoyed this project and really enjoyed working in Lake Tekapo. 

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