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When you live in the perfect spot but don't quite have the perfect house, the answer is to renovate. Whether it's your 'for now home', 'getting on the ladder home' or your 'last home' as professionals who have your best interests at heart, we're sure there are ways to improve it for you. 

Rural, Urban, Big, Small, single story or multi story designing functional and visually attractive renovations is in our DNA. 

If you are interested in renovating your home the first step is to work out who you need involved in your project. Step 1 near the bottom of the page offers guidance around this. 

Architecture in 2023 is a team game and we don't do it all alone! The process is enjoyable and progressive, it does involve a lot of co-ordination and oversight, the flow of renovating your home we are involved with will follow roughly the process below. 

House design process

How to start your addition or alteration project

If you are unsure where to start for your dream home, we make it easy. Many of our clients have never worked with an Architect or Designer before and the idea of starting at the beginning can be daunting. We're here to help you take that first step. 

Step 1

Download our free guide to choosing an architect. This will aid you in being prepared for your first meeting, what to ask and what you might be asked. 

Step 2

Book an initial consultation with us. This is an opportunity to meet each other, ask lots of questions and see if we get along. 

Step 3

Let us know you are ready for a Pre-Engagement consultation. We'll send out a short online questionnaire and book you in for a site visit. 

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