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HWA is a New Zealand based architectural design practice with its head office located in Porirua, New Zealand and projects spread throughout New Zealand's North and South Islands.

We pride ourselves on being a forward thinking and innovative design-focused studio specialising in residential and commercial projects. 

Our designs are supported by a simply refined process and workflow utilising next generation technology that allow us to deliver projects of any scale and complexity.

Integral to our work is our philosophy of collaboration, industry leading documentation and quality assurance systems. We offer world-class visualisation solutions where appropriate and always seek to maximise our clients understanding of their design through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Our design vision is built on the understanding that the most successful projects are those that reflect the shared identity of our clients, the site and the fabric of the surrounding community.


Our design work strives to capture our clients identity and resonate with their surrounding communities - all to enhance a sense of belonging. 


Hamish in the doorway



I started HWA to help clients who want their home and workplaces designed and constructed in a way that the buildings themselves help them live healthier, more inspired and live the life they love. 

HWA is centered around a personalised approach. My role is to ensure every client who works with us, gets the most from our process, feels supported throughout every step of their journey, and for our involvement to contribute towards a real impact in our clients lives and their future. 

Like most parents, Hamish endeavors to create as fun and playful upbringing for his boys as possible, meaning lots of adventures, bike rides and general mischief.


As a former technician turned designer who has built some of my own projects, I have a very practical approach to design with a pedantic eye for detail.


My creative direction is derived from a love of Architecture, my inquisitive nature and real-life on-site experience.


For me the difference between average and good architecture can be as much about the feelings people experience as the physical building so maintaining the integrity of our design is very important.

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At this stage we have no vacancies within our practice. 

Click here to view the roles we offer prospective employees. 

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