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Pre Engagement consultation

Looking to get started, and you want to be sure that the direction you are taking will be the right one for you?

Our Pre-Engagement Consultation Report comes with no obligation to continue using our services, however the information will be a useful starting point to whoever takes the project forward. 

By booking a Pre-Engagement Consultation with HWA, we will:

  • Arrange a Site visit and walk-through of your property.

  • Provide advice relevant to your project.

  • Undertake background research including discovery of council issues.

  • An expected overview of the process from first meeting through design stages to construction on site.

  • Compile a high-level brief based on your information.

  • Discuss a design and construction strategy for your particular site and project requirements.

  • Provide an overview of an approximate timeline.

  • If the project is a good fit for our practice we will prepare a fee proposal for you to consider using us to take the project to completion, including our fees and the sub-consultants that will be required

The Consultation consists of two meetings:

The first is for approximately 1 hour on site

We do our research over approximately 10-14 days (it takes some time to obtain council records).

We compile the information.

We meet for a second time for about half an hour.
We can either come to you at your home or meet conveniently at local café.

You will gain clarity about the way forward, confidence you are doing the right thing, and some assurance about the project ahead.

A well-researched project will save you thousands from the beginning and produce a better result for you.

Our Pre-Engagement consultation and report costs $950 including GST + disbursements (council archive fees, LINZ fees, etc.).

Not ready to commit to a report? Why not book an initial no-obligation consult instead.

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