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HWA Commercial

Commercial architecture requires specialist knowledge far beyond the drawing board and is quite different to the art of residential projects.


Designing for commercially used buildings, public buildings and larger residential complexes require an in-depth understanding of commercial property investment principles, an intricate knowledge of the specialist contractors required, building code regulations for public health and safety and above all an understanding of how building type, design and use case can assist with maximising long-term returns.

Through a robust initial planning process, we work through a carefully choreographed phased system to ensure thoroughness and success in the commercial projects we undertake.


Depending on the context of the project we can work with you to analyse costings, building performance, occupant performance, evaluate feasibility and consider leasing rates and/or rate of return. 

How to start your commercial project

Whether it be a new commercial building or an extension/refit of an existing commercial projects are quite different and require a bespoke approach from the beginning. The best place to start is by booking an initial consultation with us. 

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