How much does design cost for a new house?

For any new residential project the preliminary costs to establish a design, prepare construction documentation and obtain the required consents will often be around 15% of your approved build budget.

The key to any good project is maximising your return on that 15% investment. The right designer, engineer and planning advisers will add immense value to your project across the metrics of health and well-being, financial return on investment, lower running costs and appropriate maintenance requirements.

So to the point of costs for design services. How much will Architectural Design Services cost?

At HWA typically our fees are charged based on a percentage of the build cost estimate. This approach is industry wide and provides you as the client peace of mind by having the fee certain at an early stage.

For a full service engagement (our involvement from brief to completion) on a new house allow 7 - 10%+gst. Some clients opt out of the optional contract observation stages during construction which reduces the fee slightly to around 5 - 7%+gst. The actual percentage will depend on the size and complexity of the project. A complex build on a steep site will be at the higher end of the range whilst a large but relatively straightforward new house on a level site would be at the lower end.

For Example: A new house that has a build cost $450,000 + GST a full service fee at 7% would be $31,500.00 + GST ($36,225 incl gst) and a limited service fee at 5% would be $22,500 + GST (25,875 incl gst).

This information is to be considered as a guide only. We prepare a full and comprehensive Design Service Agreement explaining the scope of services provided, terms of engagement and the fee structure which is agreed to by both yourself as the Client and ourselves before any work proceeds. This provides the foundation for a successful project and gives assurance to all parties what lies ahead and what milestones need to be met when.

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