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2023 has been a year of significant change in the New Zealand construction sector. 

Whilst the fundamentals remain the same, we design quality buildings that function for their owners. The way we achieve this is in much the same way through our multiple design phase process, designing and constructing buildings is now as much about coordinating multiple inputs as it is about designing buildings. 

As an architectural design firm who has a variety of projects across multiple regions, construction sectors and variable budgets it is no longer feasible to apply the same process across all project types. 

Follow these links to see who we work with in each project type with some guidance on fees and timeframes. 

All projects start with a thought or an idea, the next step is to take action. Make a call, send us an email or contact us through the details at the bottom of the page, all projects begin with clients reaching out to us via referral or after some initial research online. 

Our first step is to meet you and have a look over the proposed site. This has no cost associated, it merely allows us half an hour or so to introduce ourselves and meet you initially. If you haven't settled on a site as yet, we can undertake a low-cost assessment to assist in the decision making. 

Architecture in 2023 is a co-ordination exercise and we don't do it all alone! The process is enjoyable and progressive, it does involve a lot of organisation and oversight, the flow of a new project we are involved with will follow roughly the processes prescribed in the above links. 

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